We are Leaders in Kuwait in Shipping Cars with Air Freight

Kuwait International Air Cargo offers a one-stop solution for shipping cars worldwide with air freight. We ship to 35 international destinations, ensuring smooth air transportation and greater security.

Air freight is ideal for a tight schedule. Airplanes reach destinations at the other end of the globe within 24 hours, significantly reducing transit time that otherwise might have been weeks. If you’re looking to transport your vehicle quickly over a long distance, KIAC is your best shipping choice, especially for high-value vehicles.

Kuwait International Air Cargo has established itself as a leader of car shipping services in Kuwait. Currently, we are forwarding as many as 15 high-value cars a week. One of them can be yours. We invite you to benefit from our experience and professionalism in vehicle transportation. Since the first contact to landing at the desired destination, on average, we complete the transportation process within 10 days or less, depending on the route. Call us to save your time and effort.

Our experienced airfreight team has the special expertise required for fast, reliable, and most importantly, successful car shipping. Experience has proved that car damages occur significantly less when shipping via airfreight since special care during loading and unloading is a common practice. Your car is secured using specialized aircraft pallets and high-strength fabric straps to ensure minimal movement during transit. KIAC offers the best possible protection for your vehicle compared to other shipping methods, delivering it with minimal risk.

Air freight is the preferred method for shipping high-value vehicles. When it comes to punctuality and maximum security, air freight is the best solution for you. Whether your car is shipped to the United Arab Emirates, the United States, or China – by airplane the transit time is shortened from a few weeks to a few days. With flights departing on a more regular basis, crossing borders, oceans, or continents is not an obstacle anymore.

Are you shipping a high-value vehicle? Ship with the leader and get the results you expect, because your exclusive car demands an exclusive air freight forwarder.

Be it an express shipment or a major project, we have an optimal solution for all levels of complexity, customized to your specific needs, budget, and schedule.

Kuwait International Air Cargo is ready to make your way forward.

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