High-Value Cargo via Air Freight

High Standards for High-Value Cargo

Fine things in life deserve special treatment. Kuwait International Air Cargo sets high standards for the transportation of your valuable cargo. And your valuable car.

If your car is of high value or urgently required at a location, air freight is your optimal solution that dramatically reduces any transit time. Shipping a car on a plane is a safe, reliable, and fast way of transportation for highly valuable vehicles.

The safety of your car is paramount. We transport your most precious cargo with the utmost care and precision. It’s received into a priority handling area, separately from normal and general cargo, to ensure swift transportation. Speed is important in the transportation of valuables. For this reason, air freight is extremely attractive.

Every customer has the rightful expectation to have their shipment delivered safe and sound, but the stakes are exponentially higher when the cargo in question is of high value. The transportation of valuables poses many unique challenges compared to other types of air cargo. This type of cargo calls for greater security and demands a range of special procedures to ensure protection from incidents throughout every step of the transportation process. One major challenge is adequately preparing and training for cargo damage and loss prevention practices. Our team always goes above and beyond to handle high-value cargo with exceptional care.

There are other factors that may lead to additional risks for every destination or market, such as geography, cultures, business practices, current events, etc. KIAC works hard on risk management plans to cover all potential risks throughout every step of operations. We focus on mapping high-value goods routes to identify risk areas and measure security procedures to avoid any potential exposure to risk.


Why Ship by Airplane?


Transporting your car via air freight is usually expensive. However, it’s a viable option for the right client, destination, and budget.

There are three reasons to choose air freight

  • You need to ship an expensive or rare car. For rare, exotic, or highly valuable cars, shipping via plane would be the safest method
  • You need to ship your car overseas. Air freight is usually the most convenient way of transporting your car overseas.
  • You need to ship your car fast. Airfreight is much faster than land or sea transport.


Bottom line: Whether you’re shipping your car overseas or simply need a faster alternative to land travel, using air freight is your most optimal shipment solution.


Be it an express shipment or a major project, we have an optimal solution for all levels of complexity, customized to your specific needs, budget, and schedule.

Kuwait International Air Cargo is ready to make your way forward.

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