Heavy Cargo by Air

Airfreight is by far the most modern and dynamic method of transportation that makes it possible to deliver various types of air cargo in the shortest possible time. Due to its specificity, airfreight forwarding is used mainly for the transport of perishable, valuable as well as urgently needed goods and items. Literally, anything can be transported by air – from lightweight objects to special cargo like military vehicles and heavy machinery.

The term ‘special cargo’ usually includes, but is not limited to, outsized cargo, overhanging cargo, reels or spools, motor vehicles, other wheeled cargo, as well as overweight or heavy cargo. Bearing in mind the complexity of transporting heavy cargo, we plan our logistic activities in the most optimal way. Kuwait International Air Cargo is able to confidently meet your heavy air cargo requirements. One of the aircraft from our powerful fleet transports your special cargo according to your specific needs at competitive prices. Let us deal with difficulty, so you could enjoy the comfort.

Recently, we transported one 20,000 kg piece of galvanized steel from Kuwait to Chicago, Illinois. This is one of the rare cases of heavy air cargo delivery.

Since there’s not enough space for the forklift trucks to be driven into the plane, the load floors in the cargo plane are equipped with electric rollers to facilitate the loading process. The electric rollers assist in moving across the front or back of an enormous cargo deck zone situated simply over the cockpit. This is how the load fills the full length of the plane.

Be it an express shipment or a major project, we have an optimal solution for all levels of complexity, customized to your specific needs, budget, and schedule.

Kuwait International Air Cargo is ready to make your way forward.

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