Direct cargo flight Chicago – Kuwait

Here, at Kuwait International Air Cargo, we are continuously making our best effort at transporting your shipment with the utmost care across any distance, reaching your desired destination with the help of our well-connected, reliable network.

Today, our global presence extends to North America, creating an airway between Kuwait and the US that will accommodate any cross-continental freight forwarding needs of our valued customers.

A direct flight across the Atlantic, lasting 13,5 hours, landed in Kuwait. Boeing 747-800 transported 67 tons of cargo from Chicago, Illinois.

The B747-800 is the third generation 747 variant with improved efficiency, extended fuselage, and modified wings. It is referred to as the 747 Advanced. The B747-800’s fuselage is lengthened from 232 to 251 feet to surpass the world’s longest airliner, Airbus A340-600. The freighter uses the same engine and cockpit technology as the 787, hence the “8”. However, its overall design is quieter, more economical, and environmentally friendly. The high capacity of this freighter offers the lowest operating cost while its specifications enable the aircraft to fly into most airports around the globe, which confidently positions the B747-800 above the competition.

Speed and reliability are among the key reasons why shippers choose air freight forwarding services. Air freight transportation is generally considered the fastest way to deliver shipment to its destination. Despite occasional delays due to weather conditions, air freight delivery boasts the lowest flight impediment possibility rate. Transportation of cargo by air also allows lowering the inventory carrying costs, which means that fast delivery is able to meet tight deadlines as your cargo spends less time in the warehouse.


Cockpit Crew



76.25 m


68.5 m


19.4 m

Typical Empty Weight

236.45 tons

Max-Take-off Weight

487.5 tons

Take-off Run at MTOW

10,138 ft

Max. Cruising Speed

Mach 0.855 (570 mph)

Service Ceiling

19.4 m


8,000 nm, 9,206 miles

Be it an express shipment or a major project, we have an optimal solution for all levels of complexity, customized to your specific needs, budget, and schedule.

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